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I would like to share with you my daily tools. The tools are not many, may only be one of each type , which is just what I usually use.

  1. Editor

1.1 VS Code

The community support is strong, there are many plugin libraries to help improve efficiency.

2. Notes

2.1 Notion

this is all-in-one note, supports markdown ,the free version is very powerful and enough to use, support both pc and mobile .

3. Mind mapping and Brainstorming Tool

3.1 Xmind

designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, brings efficiency both in work and life.

4.Terminal tools

4.1 iTerm2


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I want to recommend four websites to improve the efficiency of web development. As a programmer with many years of web development experience, I know the importance of tools for efficiency. These four websites are all used very frequently.

Let’s start!


As the project becomes more and more complex, the number of variables and functions increases, It’s difficult to distinguish the naming rules of each programming language, CODELF is a tool to help you, you can install plugins in the editor, this tool supports VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text and Chrome.


According to the language type or platform type input…


a web programmer

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